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✨✨10% OFF Select 17" Wheels✨✨
✨✨10% OFF Select 17" Wheels✨✨

United Pacific 3.25" Spike Lug Covers

Prix d'origine $89.95 CAD - Prix d'origine $99.95 CAD
Prix d'origine
$99.95 CAD
$89.95 CAD - $99.95 CAD
Prix actuel $99.95 CAD

United Pacific 3.25" plastic spike lug covers for the following wheels:

22" 10-lug Mayhem Challenger
20"/22" 10-lug DDC Wheels (will not fit 8-lug models)
19.5" ATX AO200 8-lug or 10-lug wheels

Sold in sets of 16 or 20 spikes. Please select quantity 2 for a full set.
Fits 13/16mm hex flange nuts

Please Verify Lug Nut Measurements To Ensure Proper Fitment