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Complete Wheel And Tires Packages Ready To Bolt-On To Your Truck


Prix d'origine $4,250.00 CAD - Prix d'origine $4,250.00 CAD
Prix d'origine
$4,250.00 CAD
$4,250.00 CAD - $4,250.00 CAD
Prix actuel $4,250.00 CAD

22x8.25 8181 10x285 Mayhem Challengers With 8x200/8x165.1-10 lug Adapter

Mayhem Challenger Wheels
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Package Includes 6 22x8.25 8181 Mayhem Challenger Gloss Black Wheels 4  8x200 or 8x165.1 to 10x285 Wheel Adapters 4 Caps These are a true 22" whee...

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